Pro Tips® Hair Extensions are the next generation of our hugely popular Ultra Tips®, they are smaller and more discreet but still re-usable without the need to ever re-tip the hair. 

Ultra Flat, Ultra Light, Ultra Coverage.

The Pro Tips® Hair Extensions tip is not affected by heat or product damage and is completely re-usable time and time again. It lies completely flat with the natural flow of the hair and is fitted in place using the Remi Cachet Ultra Locks® which are produced purposely for this extension type.

  • Available in 20"
  • 25 Strands Per Pack
  • 0.6g Per Strand
  • Double drawn hair - Russian Mongolian Elegance Hair
  • 12+ Month Estimated Lifespan (using correct & recommended aftercare)

Fitted in the same way as the Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® Hair Extensions. It’s ideal for great coverage as each bond lays on top of the client's hair, and due to the shape of the bond, it disperses over the hair for fantastic coverage.

Please note: ash shades may need maintaining throughout wear with a delicate colour retainer to prevent natural fading.

Available on Next Day Delivery!